Jewelry Insider: Art Deco Style

The Art Deco style is one of the most beloved and desired of all jewelry aesthetics in both American and European history. Replacing the organic, flowing lines that dominated the Art Nouveau movement of the early twentieth century, Art Deco embraced sleek geometry and perfect symmetrical patterns. The development of industrial machinery allowed for not just accurate precision in the production of the jewelry, but also mass manufacturing of the pieces, which meant beautiful, high-quality jewels were not limited to only the elite.

Diamond & Sapphire Art Deco Pin

Besides clean, strong lines, Art Deco is also characterized by striking contrasts of colors, typically using enamel and materials such as onyx and coral. Both of these aspects were reflective of modern artistic movements of the time: the strong lines imitated Cubism while the intense colors emulated Parisian Fauvism.

4.36ct Emerald & Onyx Art Deco Ring


Earrings were now long and feminine, contrasting with the shorter hairstyles of the period. Linear and geometric, earrings usually terminated with larger gemstones of color.

10.50ct Aquamarine & Diamond Drop Earrings


Like earrings, necklaces were often long and flirty, with tassel pendants or intricate beading. Necklaces emphasized the low-cuts of short dresses and complimented the newly popular tassels on clothing.

Pearl and Sapphire Tassel Pendant


Brooches were worn on every feasible part of the clothing, including the hat or scarf. Coral, onyx and Jade were incorporated into many brooches, and an Asian motif of pagodas and flowers was often represented in many of these jewels.

Art Deco Carved Jade & Diamond Pin


Art Deco was also influenced by Egyptian Revival, which is my personal favorite. The bracelet below is a perfect example of Egyptian Revival in Art Deco, and one of my favorite pieces at Shreve, Crump & Low.

Art Deco Egyptian Revival Multi-Gem Bracelet

Featured Jewelry – Aquamarine – March’s Birthstone

Happy Birthday to All of Our Followers Born in March!

7.44ct Oval Aquamarine & Diamond Drop Earrings
7.44ct Oval Aquamarine & Diamond Drop Earrings

Lucky you! It is said that everyone should have aquamarine in their jewelry collection as it compliments all skin tones very well!

The word aquamarine has Latin roots, aqua meaning water and marina meaning the sea. Legend has is that this particular gemstone was very sacred to Neptune, the Roman god of the sea. Thus, the relationship with the sea produced a special bond between sailor’s and the gemstone, vowing to protect sailors from monsters of the sea and guarantee them a safe voyage.

24ct Aquamarine & Diamond Angelfish Pin
24ct Aquamarine & Diamond Angelfish Pin

The gem was first known to be used by the Greeks around 400 BC when aquamarine amulets were worn engraved with Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, on his chariot.

The tranquil, pale blue color of aquamarine is said to cool tempers and allow cooler heads to prevail as it symbolizes loyalty and honesty. While the blue color is more intense in larger stones, aquamarine ranges from a greenish blue to a blue green. Aquamarine is found mainly in the southern hemisphere in Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Zambia, and Mozambique.

Happy New Year!

Featured Item of the Week

To start 2012 with a roar, or to prepare for Chinese New Year and the Year of the Dragon, we have chosen this stunning Mcteigue Dragon Pin as our Featured Item Of The WeekLocated at our Chestnut Hill store, this platinum and yellow gold vintage piece with diamond accents and ruby eyes is signed by the designer and dates back to 1955.

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