Matter of the Heart-shaped Gemstone

The heart. It’s the universal symbol of love. The holder of emotions. The giver and sustainer of life. The cupid’s central aim.

There are aching hearts, soft hearts, hearts of steel and hearts of gold. And then there is the heart of stone.  At Shreve, Crump & Low our preferred heart of stone is a precious gemstone!

The heart shape is one of the most complex shapes of gemstones. Therefore, like all matters of the heart, a high amount of care and attention must be taken when cutting the stone.

The best heart shapes are those in which the two halves (called lobes) perfectly compliment one another, the cleft is distinct and the pavilion (the most vulnerable part of the stone) comes to a gentle point.  At Shreve, Crump & Low, we have a strong vetting process that allows for only the most beautifully symmetric stones to pass through our hands to yours.

Here are some of my personal favorite heart-shaped jewels currently offered at Shreve, Crump & Low:

A 5.02ct heart-shaped diamond pendant with diamond halo and triple-strand chain. This piece is particularly noted for a superior cut, color and clarity. Note the curved wings, symmetric lobes and beautifully carved cleft of the center stone.

A 5.02ct heart-shaped diamond with a halo surround consisting of 38 round-cut diamonds.

An incredible natural fancy pink diamond and diamond necklace. While pink diamonds themselves are incredibly rare, it is quite unique to have an entire necklace of multiple individual heart-shaped pink diamonds, each accentuated by a halo, making it an unmistakeable and perfectly romantic gift.

A diamond and natural fancy pink heart-shape diamond necklace, consisting of 2.24 carats total weight of natural fancy pink diamonds and 5.35 carats total weight of colorless heart shape diamonds.
Closeup of heart-shaped diamond and natural fancy pink diamond necklace.

A very similarly designed multi-colored sapphire and diamond necklace.

A multi-colored sapphire and diamond necklace consisting of 29.76 total carats of colored sapphires and 4.86 total carats of diamonds.
A closeup of two heart-shaped colored sapphires with diamond surrounds and interspersing bezel-set round-cut diamonds.

A striking 3.70 carat AGL Colombian Emerald and natural fancy pink diamond ring. Not only is the cut of this soft stone perfect, the under gallery of this ring is exquisite, featuring small fancy pink diamonds and a scroll motif. As is the case with all of our jewelry – no detail is overlooked.

A natural Colombian emerald and natural fancy pink diamond ring, consisting of one heart-shaped 3.70 carat emerald of Colombian origin, with AGL cert, surrounded by a total of 0.88 carats of natural fancy pink diamonds , with a diamond shank.

Any of these carefully crafted heart-shaped jewels will make the perfect Valentine’s Day or anniversary gift—however we do not recommend wearing it on your sleeve : )

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About the Contributor: Christina Alford is a Senior Sales Associate located in our Greenwich CT flagship store. She can be reached for further comment and inquiries at [email protected] or via phone at 203-622-6205

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